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About Your Trainer

The Face Behind the company is Alison Beeby. 

I am originally from a very small town in Nebraska.I joined the US Army in 2014, where I traveled all over. 

Let me tell you though, in every country I've been to, body dysmorphia comes in all Shapes, Sizes, Colors and Ages.

While serving in the Army and even more in the elite Airborne Community, you would've thought I would've felt in my prime. I should've loved the skin I was in, but I didn't. I tried to do every quick fix, tea, pill, and unhealthy method there was to make myself feel and look better. 

After some extensive knowledge and help I learned my body needed food and it needed to be enjoyed. I learned that I didn't need to do endless hours of cardio. I needed to do fitness that I enjoyed.

Now after two Kids, one tough road, and multiple hurdles I am finally in the exact place where I need to be. 

Consistency and Hard work are the secrets to starting your journey


It's my mission to make sure that everyone sees the best version of themselves and find self efficiency.

To find and guide you on a fitness plan that fits YOU.

To create a sustainable lifestyle that you love!

To Teach you that food can be loved and enjoyed.

Traveler in Nature
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For Everyone to be able to love the skin they are in. 

To build a community that can support each other. 

That all people will see how important fitness is to living a long and healthy life.

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