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Our Programs

We have developed key programs that will work for you. This program gets you into the On the Edge Performance training app that all clients use! This app will offer video step by steps and easy to follow guides. If that isn't enough you will also be added to a community that you will be able to chat and interact with, helping motivate and push each other. Never be lost or confused on how to move forward with your goals again! 



Begginer Weight Lifting 

Maybe you are just starting out or maybe you've been going but don't understand the mechanics of puting exercises together to see the progress you want. This is a great easy pace program that will move with you. This will help you with the confidence when walking through those gym doors. 



Focused on loosing weight but not seeing anything happen? This program will help kick that, plus will bring you in to a community of others that also have the same goals. 6 weeks of training completely laid out and I promise its not just cardio!

airborne school.jpg


ACFT Train up

This train up program is for those that are already active in or out of the gym. Maybe you want to join the service or you are already in and you want to boost your score, then this program is for you. With programed progressions you are sure to succeed!


Nutrition Coaching

With all of these programs, On the Edge highly suggests the add on of nutrition. If the meals don't match our level of work we are doing we will never see the correct results. This program allows you to pair your training program with nutrition coaching. This will also dive into supplementing, there are so many choices out there and its hard to pick the right thing. 

Image by Tamas Pap
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